OUR model

Our model consists of several components: life skills, work skills, entrepreneurial skills, a year’s support.


life skills

life skills are participative exercises aimed at personal growth: self-awareness, identifying my values, narrative therapy (re-telling my life story), getting in touch with hurts that I have suffered and allowing healing, getting in touch with my dreams for my life and then looking at long-term, medium and short-term strategies to get where I most want to be, articulating what I want for my body – not just avoiding pregnancy or STIs (although that might be a start), but, more importantly, how are my deepest dreams for my life and relationships going to be realized?  Time is given to looking at how we can become confident, resilient, healthy and cheerful – and how we can relate respectfully to others.


work skills

work skills are understanding how to develop and sustain a viable work ethic, a mindset that assists me in getting, keeping and doing well at work.  What is work?  How can hard work make us happy?  How is work fulfilling?  Am I able to start at the bottom and work hard to gradually get closer to the top?  Am I able to get on with colleagues, to work in a team?  Am I able to be respectful to managers?  Am I able to make the ethos of my employer my own? How do I write a letter of application?  How do I present myself at an interview?  Am I able to arrive a little early for work, stay a little later than I have to?  Am I able to respect women who work with me?  Those from other cultures?  Perhaps disabled colleagues?  Am I able to act with integrity and honesty in the workplace?


entrepreneurial training

entrepreneurial training is an option for young men and women who want to start small businesses on their own or, sometimes, with other F4LF4W colleagues.  Participants have an introduction to basic product development, marketing, basic bookkeeping, computer skills tailored to the needs of a small business, assistance with developing a business plan and finding start-up finance.  Encouragement, learning emotional skills to deal with lean times and financial skills including putting profits back into the business. 


a year’s support after graduation

a year’s support after graduation.  Some F4WF4L graduates are able to find work straight after their training, others have to use the centre’s computers and phone to follow up on job opportunities.  Some graduates are assisted with eye tests,  dental work, ongoing counselling for emotional wounds, driving lessons, appropriate clothing for an interview or work – or conversational English lessons where requested.   Fit for Life, Fit for Work staff often help graduates with work placement when employers have requested staff – or help graduates to identify bursaries for vocational training.