A success story: Goedgedacht

There is something about a small group of wonderful people coming together that creates magic.  And this is what happened at Goedgedacht: Deon Snyman, alerted by his wife Sarah to the benefits of the F4LF4W programme, initially approached Etafeni a couple of years back to see if they would share the programme with Goedgedacht.  Many things then intervened. But in the middle of 2021, Nadia Smith, a committed F4LF4W fan and practitioner, came out to Goedgedacht to see the place and meet the people.  Deon, Goedgedacht’s Director; Sophie, Goedgedacht’s Social Development Manager, and Nadhia, F4LF4W trainer par excellence, took to one another immediately and the programme began as soon as lockdown ended.  The mutual respect and affection between Goedgedacht’s leaders and F4LF4W’s facilitator illuminated the training space in the Rural Academy building and a very successful first group was introduced to Life and Work Skills.  The F4LF4W programme will now become a very important part of what Goedgedacht offers young men and women in the Swartland’s  farming communites.

A success story: The Etafeni Trust Fit for Life, Fit for Work Programme

Publication year: 2011
Author (s): SAfAIDS
Publication details: Pretoria, SAfAIDS, 2011

The Etafeni Trust was documented as a success story after winning two awards, one for its model of a community-built community centres serving the most vulnerable, and one for its fit for life, fit for work programme. Etafeni was introduced to a youth programme designed by Alphonse Xavier SJ in India.  It appealed strongly to them – and Etafeni received Alphonse Xavier’s blessing for their adaptation of the programme to the reality of life for young people in Nyanga.  Etafeni began its fit for life, fit for work programme in 2006 with a grant from the City of Cape Town.  In 2007, the Ford Foundation recognised the potential of the programme and funded Etafeni in its roll-out of the programme from Nyanga (an urban township), to centres in Vrygrond (an urban mix of township and informal settlement), Nwamitwa (in a rural area), to Hillbrow (serving a densely-populated urban environment) – and then to a mix of township and rural areas of Windhoek in Namibia.  At the height of its functioning, each centres was running the fit for life, fit for work course eight times a year for groups of twenty young adults, 60% of whom were young women, for four weeks.  The course is all day, every day, giving young people an opportunity to look at themselves, their life stories, their values, their goals.  The young people are helped to articulate their dreams, then their long-term goals, and, finally the short-term goals to get to where they want to be. At a more practical level, candidates are helped to draft a strong CV, to know how to present themselves at a job interview and, perhaps most importantly, to develop and internalise a work ethic – always bearing in mind their dreams for themselves and their community.

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24th November 2016
Etafeni’s colour is green …….. but on the 24th November our colours were green and black……………….
THE colors for the graduating group of FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK students.

ETAFENI’S FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK teaches job-readiness and life-skills to 220 unemployed youth per year. It is geared towards youth aged 18 to 30, who have matriculated. A life-coping and work skills course involves six weeks of personal development including self-awareness, setting personal goals, and how to resist pressures that will handicap the achievement of their goals. A second component of the course covers areas of human sexuality, depression, conflict and substance abuse. A final component teaches students how to develop their own work ethic and integrity, how to draft a CV, prepare for interviews and offers career guidance. Graduates are given formal work placements and internships and have access to mentorship for a year after the placement. The programme boasts an 80% placement rate into entry-level jobs, internships, apprenticeships, tertiary institutions or establish their own businesses.

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