I grew up as a child of a single mother.  I attended a Vocational Centre where I did a course in carpentry and I then went to college to get a business qualification.

At F4LF4W, I received small and medium enterprise training. We covered many subjects: brainstorming, how to make decisions, how to handle customers and basic bookkeeping. 

With other F4LF4W graduates, we started the 25 Contractors company. We had no idea how difficult it would be to get 25 people to agree on something. But we had to learn the lessons. Some left and some stayed. Those that stayed work well together. We are applying skills we learnt. We don’t have to spend a lot of money on employing a bookkeeper because we all learnt bookkeeping on the course.

We would like more orders of course  but we assist private clients, companies and government with affordable furniture, built-in cupboards for offices  and kitchens and both office and home chairs, tables, desks, etc.

We are now giving interns an opportunity to practise their carpentry skills and plan to help more interns in the future.


F4LF4W graduate,