Founder and owner, 25 Contractors.

Fit for Life, Fit for Work prepared us for what’s to come. They equipped us with the right mindset and attitude. We now know that we have to take charge and do something.

Fit for Life, Fit for Life helped us learn the importance of working in a group. It can be empowering. When I first started, I could not sell but now I am willing to knock on doors to get the business off the ground. We learnt how to make products, how to sell products and how to build a reputation.

After we graduated, some of us got together and started a business called ’25 Contractors’. We are now self employed. We offer plumbing, bricklaying, carpentry and automotive mechanics. It has not been without problems. We started with just a few contracts. Some of the original members left and the rest of us might have given up if it weren’t for Fit for Life, Fit for Work. They supported us in ensuring we have the resources to continue with our long-term business plan.

We know that there is a need for affordable building. Every person at a grassroots artisanal level could benefit from such a plan. We all have challenges but if you work together in a group and have support, it makes it possible. 

F4LF4W graduate, 2016