Computer Consultant.

When I came to town, I did small piece jobs because I was unemployed. I even did waitressing. The F4LF4W programme has helped me break socio-economic barriers. It also improved my awareness on issues regarding health and social issues affecting adults. Without F4LF4W it would have been difficult for me to attain a tertiary education. In 2010 F4LF4W assisted me with a bursary for two semesters of a Diploma in Information Management. In 2011, I did a year of practicals and an unpaid internship to hone my skills. In September 2012 I was successful in my application for a position with a top computer consulting company.

I am working in a male-dominated world and there is a lot of misconception about women in positions of authority. It is good to be a role model and know that you do not have to be subservient in the workplace.

Today I am responsible for training staff and I am also responsible for interns who come to get practical experience. Through F4LF4W I also got the opportunity to go for my driver’s licence. I was not successful the first three times but I did not give up and today I have my licence and my own car. I am very happy in my work. The clients phone us because they know we deliver good service.

F4LF4W graduate, 2011