Administrative Intern. Fit for Life, Fit for Work was one of the most influential experiences of my life. I benefited from their leadership empowerment and the power of positive peer engagement. I was helped with self-confidence and a belief in our power to help and heal ourselves. I feel more comfortable now with public speaking, making decisions and resolving conflict.  I feel as though I can be a leader. Importantly, I made friends and have good memories of my time

ECD practitioner. I am Vutomi Nukeri. The F4LF4W team was in our community marketing the  Fit For Life Fit For Work programme, and I  took the decision to follow my heart by submitting my CV because at that time I was not doing anything to upgrade or uplift myself. I was given an opportunity  to make an informed choice after finishing my FFLFFW Course in 2011. I was selected to attend  basic ECD Training conducted by a Rotary Club and

Agriculturalist. My name is Ivy Mpenyane, from Mandhlakazi village. I graduated from the Fit For Life Fit For Work programme in 2010. After graduation, I attended  Tompie Seleka  Agricultural College. It was a blessing  because I was one of 15 selected to start the farm at Mswazi  Dam in 2011 as a learner.  While working  at Mswazi Dam Food Security I got an opportunity to further my studies with Madzivhandhila Agricultural College to do plant production. I was then given

Carpenter.  I grew up as a child of a single mother.  I attended a Vocational Centre where I did a course in carpentry and I then went to college to get a business qualification. At F4LF4W, I received small and medium enterprise training. We covered many subjects: brainstorming, how to make decisions, how to handle customers and basic bookkeeping.  With other F4LF4W graduates, we started the 25 Contractors company. We had no idea how difficult it would be to get

Photographer and Videographer.  With F4LF4W I learned how to use computers and I was also able to get my driver’s licence. After the F4LF4W course I was given the opportunity to study photography in Cape Town. Having learned how to use a computer helped me because everything I do today is on the computer. My company is an online marketing and videography company. We specialise in content creation and graphic design. I employ three people. One is employed on a

  Computer Consultant. When I came to town, I did small piece jobs because I was unemployed. I even did waitressing. The F4LF4W programme has helped me break socio-economic barriers. It also improved my awareness on issues regarding health and social issues affecting adults. Without F4LF4W it would have been difficult for me to attain a tertiary education. In 2010 F4LF4W assisted me with a bursary for two semesters of a Diploma in Information Management. In 2011, I did a

Founder and owner, 25 Contractors. Fit for Life, Fit for Work prepared us for what’s to come. They equipped us with the right mindset and attitude. We now know that we have to take charge and do something. Fit for Life, Fit for Life helped us learn the importance of working in a group. It can be empowering. When I first started, I could not sell but now I am willing to knock on doors to get the business off

Auto Electrical Mechanic. I love music but I couldn’t  get into a music school. I did menial work just to pay my rent.   In 2016 F4LF4W helped me to do a six month course in auto electrical mechanics. In F4LF4W we learnt how to manage our funds, balance our books and work with customers. I learnt to put aside money for my business. They took me to another level.    I fix the electrical parts of cars. I saved